Gross Anatomy
Wood, steel, Ronan paints
Dimensions vary

Nine sculptures comprise this installation of methodically appropriated Miró figures taken from his paintings and enlarged into life size standing specimens. One side is a Miró akin to skin; the other side is a realistically imagined anatomical study. All the gross anatomy is represented. The figures were chosen based their ability to represent the appropriate organs.

Digestive System
Digestive System (Miró side)
Circulatory System
Circulatory System (Miró side)
Reproductive System
Reproductive System (Miró side)
Hormonal Endocrine System
Hormonal Endocrine System (Miró side)
Muscular System
Muscular System (Miró side)
Skeletal System
Skeletal System (Miró side)
Reproductive System
Fallopian Tubes
Nervous System
Nervous System (Miró side)
Cerebral Cortex/Hypothalamus
Teeth/Eye socket