Created/Produced; Ediciones Arte Dos Grafico, Bogota Colombia

Gross Anatomy/Anatomia Completa(08)

Ink, Paper, MDF(cover)

14” x 88” opened


Gross Anatomy/Anamtomia Completa is comprised of 8 appropriated and recontextualized Miro characters from his actual paintings. On one side are Miro’s figures faithfully recreated so as not to alter his line, shape or color scheme?  On the other side is a fully developed anatomical study of each character. All systems of the anatomy are represented from the nervous to circulatory utilizing medical anatomy books as a reference to best exemplify how a particular anatomical system could function in each Miro body. They are designed to look and feel “real” even though entirely imagined.


Gross Anatomy/Anatomia Completa is a limited edition (70) hand made silk-screened artist book. Each image has approximately eight separate layers. The book is designed so the figures on both sides are registered directly on top of each other so as to appear like a solid continuous figure.